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J. Powers Bowman. Balfron Tower. 2011

pen and ink. 8.5”x11”.


Wall Dogs: The Midair Muralists Who Paint New York

It’s 8am in Soho, the thermometer reads just above freezing, and the sky is bleak. Taxis splash down the streets; New Yorkers stride with their heads down, leaping over puddles, carelessly bumping into each other. Everyone wants to get out of the cold, out of the rain, into the warmth.

Ten stories above — on a long, skinny platform hanging from the facade of a building at Canal and Mercer in downtown Manhattan — it’s a different story. Climbers’ ropes secured around their torsos, Jason Coatney and Armando Balmaceda stand in a melange of open paint cans and brushes. These two muralists of Colossal Media, the largest hand-painted advertising company in America, are heavily layered in sweatshirts and raincoats. But in this industry, c’est la vie. Paintbrushes in their fingerless-gloved hands, earbuds in their ears — “I like to start out with Miles Davis in the morning,” Coatney smiles, his breath visible in the frigid air — they begin yet another workday in the sky.

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This Kandinsky painting popped into my head earlier! James used to have a poster of it in his room opposite the bed and it always gave me the craziest dreams and used to make me feel sick! Really strange. I even had to make him pull down the poster :(.


Several Circles; Kandinsky; 1926.


A Conglomerate ~ Wassily Kandinsky

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Breathing through your lungs.



Mayre Perez, USF School of Architecture, Class of 2013

Reconstruction - a reconstruction of Copenhagen through media graphic analysis

Thinking and Making, Summer 2011

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Design Collective Neri & Hu, Shanghai (如恩设计之设计共和)

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